Inner Voice

Many of you are writing to me about wanting to pursue life-changing dreams but your situations won't allow. Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on having discovered your dreams. Many people haven't managed to find theirs.    Dreams lead … Continue reading

Paris, school of life?

Whenever I enforce the pursuance of dreams on this blog, I'm very much aware of the fact that it is only a sweep across the surface but I also want to remind you the amount of hard work and sacrifices … Continue reading

A note from me

Everyone of us has those days where we lose our sense of direction. Oh you don't?? Okay please skip this whole post, go straight to the comment box below and leave me some advice as to how you manage. So.. … Continue reading

Paris, At The End of The Tunnel

You know by now how much I love my strolls in Paris right? This particular pastime always lets me to get inside my head and reflect on just about everything. Well it’s time to take you back to my past, before I knew a … Continue reading

Love yourself more

I saw this beautiful commercial that I’d like to share with you. Their shower foam may be a staple in my bathroom but this is not in any way a means to promote anything aside from extracting the message. The … Continue reading