Hello again Paris

It's been over a year since I bid farewell to Paris, and wrote my last ever post in this space. Yet last week, I found myself and a special someone at Trocadéro. It's only most appropriate to publish this return here … Continue reading

La Belle Vie

The one thing that I never expected from Paris is the chance of meeting so many amazing souls who have flown in from all ends of the world, each with their inspiring stories, dreams and endeavours. As much as I love having my time alone strolling through the … Continue reading

Paris in Transition

After what seemed like the longest winter ever, I am finally convinced that spring is here. Okay admittedly I still say this with a little uncertainty. But when there are more great sunny days with temperature rising well-above ten degrees Celcius than the grey, we can be sure to … Continue reading

Never settle for anything less than your dreams

Two nights ago, I asked myself plenty of what-ifs questions, one being: “What if I never came to Paris?” The answer placed me in immediate despair and brought me to a 7am trip to Trocadero, where I saw the Eiffel … Continue reading

My Paris Photoshoot

I never post pictures of myself here aside from my “about” page but I absolutely love these photographs that I must share it with you. Before I met my friend Carin, I was always (and still am) a major fan … Continue reading