La Belle Vie

The one thing that I never expected from Paris is the chance of meeting so many amazing souls who have flown in from all ends of the world, each with their inspiring stories, dreams and endeavours. As much as I love having my time alone strolling through the … Continue reading

Paris in Transition

After what seemed like the longest winter ever, I am finally convinced that spring is here. Okay admittedly I still say this with a little uncertainty. But when there are more great sunny days with temperature rising well-above ten degrees Celcius than the grey, we can be sure to … Continue reading

Welcome Back

Happy Easter to you. I really hope you have had a good break and forgive me for the little hiatus from the blogging world. After having returned for over a week now, my schedule left very little time to update but I can happily report … Continue reading

Paris gets better and better

The past few days have been amazing, I feel like my time in Paris keeps getting better and better and I'm not just talking about my social calendar, it's the weather. Spring must be on its way because we are getting so much … Continue reading

My very Parisian week

The past week that just gone by had been utterly enjoyable. I really feel like Paris had been spoiling me with so many activities but left me with not much time to blog about them separately so here are the … Continue reading