Travel: Mykonos Part 2

Whenever someone asks me, “how was Greece?” I’d just shake my head, sigh and say “it was incredible”. It truly was and I must point out that I always think of my experience in the island of Mykonos whenever the word … Continue reading

Travel: Mykonos Part 1

Remember that time I told you that I was busy studying for my French exam? Well.. I passed! Anyway, aside from still being in delirious mode since getting my results earlier today, I’ve also been working on my travel posts. It just … Continue reading

Travel: Athens

Greece is one of the countries that I was always so determined to include in my bucket list. Thinking back, I have only the fondest memories of Athens, Mykonos and Santorini. Each of these places was just captivating and wonderful … Continue reading

birthday love from Santorini

Greetings from Greece! I have just ticked another sweet item off my DREAMS LIST: a happy birthday to me in Santorini. The island can do no wrong aside from super expensive yet mediocre tasting fish dishes which I can easily … Continue reading