Travel: Mykonos Part 2

Whenever someone asks me, “how was Greece?” I’d just shake my head, sigh and say “it was incredible”. It truly was and I must point out that I always think of my experience in the island of Mykonos whenever the word Greece is mentioned.

The beauty of this island was breathtaking and had that utterly effortless ambience. It felt like you can sit for ages just taking in the scenery.

I loved walking along the beaches, seeing the windmills, enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful water view.

I also loved exploring Little Venice which is the heart of Mykonos. Along the cobblestone pathway, there were all kinds of charming little boutiques, eateries and souvenir stores.

The one thing I definitely miss is this simple fresh tomatoes and cucumber salad, drizzled with olive oil. I tried to recreate it at home but it's just not the same.

When I walked further into Little Venice, I discovered this white church and it turned out to be the most photographed church in Mykonos.

Look at that water! I couldn’t resist working my way down.

And that's me in the picture, tryin' to go back up. Climbing the wet rocks was a lot of hard work, great for the thighs though.                 

Although driving in Mykonos was quite tricky as most roads were narrow and winding, hiring a 4-wheeled motor bike was a good idea as it made such a convenient way to explore the island and visit the beaches surrounding the island.

Love this adorable donkey, had to stop for a little bit to say hello.

Allianz and Starbucks looked too cute in their white Greecian squares.

I was told that a trip to Mykonos was incomplete unless you see Petros the pelican, Mykonos' mascot. I got a little sad when I hadn’t seen him but on my last day, there he was! 

Gorgeous scenery everywhere

and still beautiful in the evening with twinkling lights

I love that during my visit in Mykonos, the sky was always blue, the sun was always shining and the water was always crystal clear. I was happy and considered myself very lucky. Seeing the photographs never failed to remind me how wonderful it had been and so without a doubt, Mykonos is now listed as one of the places I would tell my future children and grandchildren to put in their bucket list.

Travel: Mykonos Part 1

Remember that time I told you that I was busy studying for my French exam? Well.. I passed! Anyway, aside from still being in delirious mode since getting my results earlier today, I’ve also been working on my travel posts. It just seems like I'm taking my sweet time because I kept pausing to reminisce the summery sunny blue sky Mykonos' beach days just by scrolling through the pictures.

Here are a few snapshots (unretouched!) of my boat ride from Athens to Mykonos.

7am Blue Star Ferries from the Piraeus port

The boat made for a few stops en route to Mykonos

The man in pink (as seen rolling my little luggage) was sent by the hotel to pick up guests. I felt giddy already at that point because I just knew "ohhh this is gonna be good!" The picture on the right is snapped from the hotel's driveway. Clear blue water awaited and I'll spill all in my next post.