Travel: European winter

Everything starts again on Monday so there goes my two-week break. Time surely flies when you are having fun and I sure did. I’m writing this post from Prague where I currently will be until my return flight to Paris tomorrow night.

This week had been utterly fun albeit a little tiring with all my bits of travelling. What did I tell you before about the best thing of living in Europe? It’s always too easy to visit the neighbouring countries. Unfortunately holidaying during the New Year’s period had not been too kind on transport and accommodation expenses even though they're mostly short journeys but still worth it. I can’t tell you how beautiful these cities are when all the Christmas lights are twinkling but Paris is definitely not the only city of light come winter time.

It was very interesting to see how these cities differ between seasons as I have visited before during warmer months. Whilst there are pros and cons when choosing your time of visiting, there’s always something enticing about how the cities present themselves whenever you decide to visit.

I’m looking forward to writing further travel entries at the end of January where I have a little more time to sit and think about what to recommend within each city. In the meantime, here are pictures of each city I’ve travelled to in the last 2 weeks. Stay well wherever you are. smiley

Amsterdam's canal

Graben, the exclusive shopping street of Vienna

Budapest's Parliament House

Astronomical Clock and Christmas Market at Prague's Old Town Square