I can’t wait..

Until a couple more weeks for things to slow down. How I wish to have an hour or two everyday dedicated to relaxing walks, coming home with a fresh baguette from the local boulangerie and some freshly bought Diptyque candles (plus the thrown-in freebies!). I can sit down, type away whilst looking out the window for inspiration and munch on my yummy bread. Exactly like the photo below. I must apologise if you had been checking back into the blog and found no update for more than a few days. I owe you an explanation. I'm currently in the midst of the most critical weeks at the Sorbonne. Final exams are coming up and if I want to pass, I must study. At the same time, my mom is currently visiting and I will not allow to have her flown all that kms just to sit at home waiting and watch me stress. So I made this whirlwind itinerary of travelling to 5 cities and lots of Paris sightseeing. Although everything had been wonderful, I could have planned the timing better as it's taking a toll on me physically. I studied whilst waiting for the plane, whilst on the plane, whilst waiting for trains and of course whilst on the train and pretty much during every gap I have. Naturally something had to suffer and it's the blog. In saying that, I have worked on the 'social' tab of the blog so it contains more ways to subscribe and follow this little space so you can now receive notification whenever a new post is uploaded rather than coming back and getting annoyed at me :) You can subscribe via email, RSS, facebook, instagram, bloglovin, whichever is convenient for you. Please let me know if there's any other platform you much prefer, I'd be more than happy to link up. Now I'm going to study some more and finish packing my luggage as I will be spending the weekend in London. I will not forget to bring my books and remind myself that I really should've planned this better. Stay well you.

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