My very Parisian week

The past week that just gone by had been utterly enjoyable. I really feel like Paris had been spoiling me with so many activities but left me with not much time to blog about them separately so here are the low-downs of my last 7 days which was filled with a lot of good food, meetings with amazing people, art exhibition, celebrating Chinese New Year, lots of strollings and my first French argument where I felt very French (because I spoke French haha)

Les Cocottes

Les Cocottes is my go-to place whenever I have overseas visitors and every person I've taken there, loved it. The owner, Christian Constant, owns 2 other restaurants on the same street and each of these three is just 2 doors away from the other, divided by style and price range but they are all great. The one dish that I will always recommend from Les Cocottes is the langoustine ravioli (shown in the picture below).

So when Jackie told me she's never been to Les Cocottes, I took this chance to get to know her more and learn about her journey in Paris plus it's my turn to do the ordering on her behalf. We spent the evening with great food and shared a bottle of white wine. Jackie is a current MBA student focusing on luxury brand management at the prestigious Essec Business School. She gave me a lot of insight into her study program and what it consisted of (lots hard work!) and I learnt many interesting facts about luxury brands.

Eiffel Tower

Since the restaurant is situated so close to the Eiffel Tower, it only makes it easier to give ourselves a reason to walk off dinner whilst waiting for the light show.

Van Cleef & Arpels on 22 Place Vendôme

I visited the Van Cleef & Arpels exhibition at Les Arts Décoratifs. It was such a fascinating experience to see a vast collection of these coveted jewels under one roof, learning about the history of this highly influential empire and admiring (with dropped jaw) the magnificent crown of Princess Charlene of Monaco. I should let you know that I give myself a pat on the back when I do at least one art-related activity per week. The above is a photograph of Van Cleef & Arpels first store in Paris which has opened since 1906.

Lunch date with Daisy de Plume

On the one day when the sky was unbelievably blue in Paris this week, I took a nice long walk and the day got even better when it came to lunchtime as I had a date with Daisy de Plume, the founder of THATLou and the organizer of my recent treasure hunt at Musee d’Orsay. She’s just as wonderful as I once described her to be and proved by our 2-hour lunch! (We had so much to talk about that we lost track of time) You can read more about this fantastic lady here and here.

My first angry experience – in French!

I visited Darty, a store that sells general appliances, to buy a hair curling iron. I found what I wanted to buy and was ready to pay for it and leave. After repeatedly demanding to 5 different staff in 3 different floors and 30 minutes of waiting, I got really impatient. So I took the display version of the hair curler I wanted which was attached to a huge square plastic holder, brought the whole thing to the cashier and said “I want to buy this”. The manager halted me and said “you can’t do that, put it back! And you must wait!” With all my furiousness, I responded, “No! I have waited for a long time, asked a lot people and no one came! I’m not going to wait anymore and I will also not put this back!” To my surprise, the guy turned his attitude 180 degrees and became very nice and polite. He took the hair curler display from my hands, walked me to a cashier, got me to pay then served me my new, boxed hair curler appliance. I walked out thinking “that’s interesting”.  Is that how the French operate?

My exam results

So I successfully spoke my mind out in French when frustrated but when it came to exam time, I get nervous and when exam results are out, I get scared to leave my bed. But it turned out I passed yay! and this called for a little celebration with great friends.

Rice & Fish Restaurant

Yummy prawns sushi at Rice & Fish (22 Rue Greneta 75002 Paris)

Comme à Lisbonne

And these delicious Portuguese tarts from Comme à Lisbonne.

Friday night comfort food

Friday night called for comfort food and I have Jackie now on speed dial haha. We went to Bon Mua Restaurant (36 Rue de Trévise 75009 Paris), which is officially my hiding place whenever I wanted my comfort food of Vietnamese grilled pork chops. The pork chops here are on par with I find in my usual Asian hunts in Sydney. I have high expectation when it comes to pork chops so trust me when I say it’s good.

Brunch at Ladurée

I’m a major fan of French toast and really wanted to try the ones from Ladurée. I was delighted when Faye said yes to another dessert date. She’s not sick of me yet! I only have the nicest things to say about my French toast. It was fluffy, light and delicious and can see myself coming to Ladurée strictly for this specific item many times in the future. I can’t deny how pretty Ladurée is in all their presentation. Please click here to see Faye's post about our date and her thoughts on Ladurée's desserts.

Avenue des Champs-Élysées

Saturday Strolls

After our delicious brunch, Faye and I continued to walk along Avenue des Champs-Élysées and turned into Rue Saint Honoré. It was such a lovely day and I was really glad to have such a cool, sweet and adorable companion with me.

Roberto Cavalli and Repetto

Happy Chinese New Year

Paris doesn’t have a designated “Chinatown” like most major cities. Any district which have a grouped area of Chinese residents, supermarkets and restaurants can be classified as “Chinatown”. I chose to visit Porte d’Italie in the 13th arrondissement as it seemed to be the most recommended area to see lively festivities. It warmed me to see abundance of red lanterns and people shopping to prepare for Chinese New Year's Feasts.

Raclette, French steamboat?

My friends from church kindly invited me over for a dinner feast of Raclette, which I can only describe as French steamboat but instead of using broth and seafood, we used lots and lots of cheese and can mix and match the types of cheese and toppings. It was a lot of fun! Dessert was raclette marshmallows and chocolate. What an amazing (French) way to celebrate Chinese New Year.

The Seine River

For the whole week, the water level of the Seine River had been really high. The cruise boats have stopped operating and you can't really walk alongside the river.

Okay that was a lot to recap in one week. As I said earlier, Paris had been spoiling me with the most enjoyable activities but it gives me the dilemma of not having enough time to update my blog more regularly. So here’s a collage of what I’ve been posting in my Instagram account and Facebook page from the past days. You are most welcomed to find me under “willsheloveparis” to get more regular updates.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you will have the most enjoyable week ahead.

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9 thoughts on “My very Parisian week

    • It was! Really busy though hehe. My visitors and I have you to thank for Les Cocottes :) I’m still to book in a one-on-one date with you!! xxx

  1. Such a busy week but sounds like such a wonderful one! I had a lovely time once again and I’m so glad I’ve found someone to share patisseries with 😉
    I’ve been meaning to try rice and fish for a while now, would you recommend it?

    • We have yet Godiva strawberries to conquer! I recommend Rice and Fish for their fried prawns sushi. I went there for their chirashii dish (rice and sashimi) and it wasn’t that special tbh xxx

  2. hi there grace-

    haven’t checked your blog in a little bit-it looks like you are really taking advantage of it all! how wonderful everything looks. i’m certainly envious! looking at all these pics makes me remember those entire days spent walking for hours, sipping coffee and wine, people watching, the constant fog and drizzle only adding to the experience! have you been to the promenade plantee? its an unused train track they’ve turned into an elevated park (much like the high line ehre in nyc); below is the viaduct des arts. you enter by the bastille, and it runs pretty much the whole 12eme arr. it’s a lovely place for a stroll, and some great snooping into parisian apts.!

    enjoy this time!


    • Hi Sabrina,
      Yes I am indeed :) Ah I haven’t been to promenade plantee, in fact this is the first time I’ve heard of it. Thank you so much for the tips, will definitely check that out. I hope you’re doing well xxx

  3. Grace,
    I wish you were still blogging in Paris, as this is the best one I’ve found as of yet! It’s been so helpful and I’ve been taking lots of notes! I’ll be moving to Paris in 3 weeks with my husband. Are there blogs you would recommend for young, English speaking couples? Also, I’d like to meet other women in their 20’s and 30’s who might be interested in hanging out. I’m very used to staying busy with my job as a nurse and I’m nervous about not working. Any suggestions on how to meet people would be grealy appreciated!
    Thank you,

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