Past, Present and Future

Have you ever dwelled so much about the past that if you hadn’t done this, you wouldn’t have gone through this, and then things wouldn’t be this bad? We often have these kinds of thoughts when life directions are going for the worse. It’s a depleting time where you regret the past and your doings.

But life is funny like that because when things are good, you can also look back and think of the exact same ie if you hadn’t done that, you wouldn’t have gone through that, and then things wouldn’t be that good! And yet you call this 'a blessing in disguise'.

Normally I choose not to talk about the more negative aspects of my past journey in life through this blog because this space is essentially reserved for my thoughts of Paris and daily adventures as well as the travels I’ve done after having dreamt about them for so long and also my encouragement to you for your own dreams and hopes in the future.

But after receiving a few emails containing “you are so lucky…” and “how I wish…”, I think it’s time to mention that huge sacrifices, deep uncertainties, negativities, fears and worries have made recurrent guest stars in my life. Yes indeed I feel so lucky and blessed to have been able to make my dream of living in Paris come true but getting to Paris had been the result of hard work. It was never as simple as “packing my bag and board a plane”.

I know from the pictures and stories on this blog, it seems that my life in Paris is wonderful but that is because I chose to extract the positives and down-play the negatives. Looking back into my journey, not everything had been “la vie en rose”. My trail had been quite the rollercoaster ride and in fact, for a huge chunk of my life, there had been more downs than ups. So when I look back to all the hurtful and regretful moments that I’d rather forget, I still have to recognize that they are parts of what shapes my present and future.

So I’d like to remind you, whenever you think you’re in the midst of the worst case scenario, it is always up to you to think that it will get better. Lift your chin and cheer yourself up. Keep focusing on your dreams and what lies ahead. In time, everything will fall into place and one day, when you look back into your trail, you will finally understand why.

I was deep in thoughts during one of my evening walks thinking "Paris isn't only about crêpes and carousels..!" but when I looked to my right, I see this and a crêpes stand near it. Talk about the irony!

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  • vix pichel

    I feel very identified with these thoughts, I’m kinda in the middle of worst case scenario, as you said it excellently and… I don’t know really what to do. My dreams are a bit far away from coming true and choices (and their consecuences) are tough to bear, but we never give up, don’t we? I had never commented before here but today felt like the right post to start doing it :)
    Love LOVE your pics of Paris, enjoy the city for all of us! (I’m also a follower on Instagram)

    • willsheloveparis

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for following me on instagram too. I’m really sorry to hear that you are in the midst of worst case scenario, I really hope things will fall into place for you and works out for the best. They always do usually :) Cheer up and never stop fighting for your dreams how ever far you may think it is :) xxx

  • Paris in Four Months

    So so true! Thank you for posting this :)


    • willsheloveparis

      You’re most welcome and thank you so much for linking it to your weekend read :) hugs!

  • somethingaboutparis

    Thanks for this post; it’s quite timely for me as I recently badly injured myself and had to put my life – as it was – on hold momentarily until I get recover. I’ve been quite depressed thinking about ‘if I hadn’t done x, I wouldn’t be in this situation’, and the various changes I need to make in my daily routine (especially trying to get around in Paris, AKA the ‘world of endless staircases’) and the things I will miss out on. But as you’ve said, I need to consider the positives as well – I will get better eventually, and now is a good opportunity to try new things I otherwise wouldn’t bother with!

    • willsheloveparis

      oh goodness, I’m so sorry you injured yourself and hope you are on your way to full recovery. I’m glad you are sticking to the positives and I hope all the new things you get to try will bring brand new possibilities and be a blessing in disguise for you xxx

  • Michele Moore

    What perfect timing for this post. I’ve been trying to get my dream of getting to Paris off the ground, and learned this week that my dream is going to take a bit longer than originally expected. You’re right; as disappointing as the setback is, we make the choice to lift our chin up and keep going. So while I’m disappointed that I won’t be having my Paris life as soon as expected, one day I will be walking through the streets of Paris, reflecting on the journey that brought me to that moment, and reveling in all that got me there. Cheers to recognizing that for yourself and sharing it with your readers.

    • willsheloveparis

      Michele, I wish you all the best with your hopes and dreams of Paris even when it will take longer. I’m so glad you are staying positive and you are absolutely right. One day in one of your strolls in Paris, you’ll look back and you’ll be smiling xxx

  • Ylenia

    I agree completely, people think that just by being in Paris everything is perfect, but there’s a lot that goes into making it happen and keeping up with it… it’s tough
    I’m glad to know the rough patch is in the past for you :)

    • willsheloveparis

      ooh i’m not sure if the rough patch is over for me Ylenia but everything I face will only be new challenges that I will learn from. It has been a tough journey but everything worked out for the best. Thank you so much for reading xxx

  • Little Pieces of Light

    I totally agree with you on this. It’s a lot of beauty – AND blood, sweat, tears, taxes – LOL. :) I think it’s hard for people who idealise Paris to see it – including many of us who moved here ourselves! But it’s a good thing to unravel. :)

    x Milsters


    • willsheloveparis

      ahahaha blood, sweat, tears and taxes! It is so true. I’m glad we all feel the same way xxx