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Au Revoir

I have always hated good byes, so much so that I have withheld my thoughts for the longest time since my last post. Thinking that postponing would make it seem less real, less true. 

Paris was a dream come true which I cannot believe I got to liveWhat I brought back home with me was the best of memories and a heart so overjoyed by all the experience I have gained during my time in the city of light. I couldn’t ask for more really. I landed back in Sydney knowing that I'm a different person from when I first left and for this I couldn't be more thankful. To have had that chance to grow and develop my understanding of life a little better, it has been priceless.

My heartfelt gratitude goes to the people I met and to the few who became my friends and ultimately my source of everything. The very reason my stay in Paris was the best experience I could ever have hoped for, who taught me so many life lessons and inspired me and pushed me through when the blues came from time to time.

And to you, I thank you sincerely for walking with me through this journey. I hope you have enjoyed reading what I have shared in this space. 

Now it’s time to open a fresh new page, new start.

And indeed, she loves Paris. She loves it so much that she will forever be plotting her way back *wink*

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