Paris gets better and better

The past few days have been amazing, I feel like my time in Paris keeps getting better and better and I'm not just talking about my social calendar, it's the weather. Spring must be on its way because we are getting so much sun and daylight lasts a little longer. The Seine River has also stopped flooding and the boats have started to operate as per usual. Daytime strolls feels and looks warmer and people just seems to be happier. 

Graduation ceremony

The major highlight of all my events within the past days was the glorious day of graduation ceremony from the prestigious Sorbonne. Also known as the day where I became “the idiot who woke up late”! I’m eternally grateful for my dear friends who texted and called to wake me up. You can gather from this story that it wasn’t the first time they had to do that and this only makes me appreciate them even more. Cue group hug :)

Sorbonne’s grand amphitheatre

It was such a privilege to be allowed into the beautiful Sorbonne’s grand amphitheatre for this occasion to receive our certificates.

Lunch at Breakfast in America

After the ceremony, we head out to a celebratory lunch. We figured there had been enough French grammar drilling between all of us at the Sorbonne, it’s time for a treat, the American Diner way. Good thing we arrived just before the line gets long like the picture above.

I had fluffy pancakes with maple syrup and bottomless black coffee. The simplest thing makes me so happy and this was a particularly feel-good day.

Dinner at Candelaria

Still in the name of celebration, I went with Jackie for Mexican tacos at Candelaria. Great service, guacamole, margarita slushie and cocktails. Thank you Jackie for the drinks!

With 33 Avenue at Le Pain Quotidien

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Malou from 33 Avenue for the first time. Her blog reveals the wonderful world of travel of a married woman with child who still managed to find time holding a respectable specialized career whilst juggling everything efficiently.

Malou resides in Zurich but visits Paris with her daughter, Sophie, every chance they get. We spent a good 2-hour in the café over hot chocolates and just talking about her travelling experience during her single college days and now. I was also admiring her beautiful accessories and how she’s ever so stylish even with a toddler in tow.

Galerie Vivienne

There are a few hidden passages in Paris and Galerie Vivienne is the first one I’ve ever visited. This mosaic-floored passage felt very old world and romantic and I really love wandering in and out of all the boutiques and the vintage stores. It felt special to walk underneath the canopy-styled roofs. I can’t wait to discover the rest of Paris' hidden passages.

Valentine’s Day

My first Valentine's Day in Paris was wonderful. Even though it was a foggy and rainy day, Carin made the perfect Valentine’s date. We celebrated by indulging in our favourite dish of Les Cocottes. I must thank Carin for introducing me to all Christian Constant’s establishments which have become staples in my Paris-must and she also posted a beautiful write up and the most exquisite photographs of her date with me which you can check out right here.

Nuts about Ice Cream

After our very delicious meals, having dessert felt obligatory especially since the two of us possess deep, unfaltering love for ice-cream so we decided to head to Berthillon in Île Saint-Louis. We had a great time debating which ice-cream brand wins our votes and this involved having two more dates at Pozzetto and Häagen-Dazs (not all on the same day of course!) In saying that, my waistline is now one size wider thanks to all the ice cream I have been eating this past week.

Home make-over

I also had a chance to do a tiny home make-over to create a better study space. It was just a matter of shifting furniture and reorganising but I’m very happy with how it looks now. It’s amazing how a tiny change can do so much.

Dinner at Verjus

Home makeover felt like such a workout so I felt like I deserve a treat and headed to Verjus Wine Bar with Carin to try their butter-milk fried chicken and shoe-string fries. We were both of the same opinion of our experience here, here's the link to Carin's post to discover more about the restaurant.

Evening walk

We also decided to walk home since the weather held and the city was lit beautifully as usual. Chose a longer route by going into the Louvre, along the Seine, behind Notre Dame… Parisian nights like these are the best.

I love walking behind Notre Dame

Saturday night with the girls

Both of Milsters's sister and best friend are in town visiting so she hosted an evening out and kindly invited Carin and I to join them for cocktails at that new hip bar Little Red Door. Note: that little red door doesn’t function and it took us few minutes to figure it out and enter through the side door haha.

Then we headed to La Briciola for some good, thin-crusted pizza. I’m heading to Italy very soon and apparently these are the kinds of deliciousness I should be expecting in Italy. I am so excited already!

Good morning Eiffel

Breakfast with Edna

I also had the chance to spend a wonderful morning with Edna for breakfast in her neighbourhood where Eiffel Tower is just a block away – whoosh! – and she also took me to possibly the biggest supermarket I have seen within Paris. We spent the morning walking and eating pain au chocolat at the boulangerie and just talked about everything there is about Paris, travel and her world-wide adventures. It was great fun!

Salvador Dali at Centre de Pompidou

Okay I have to admit that I didn’t really enjoy this particular exhibition mainly because I didn’t understand Salvadore Dali’s interpretation of ‘surrealism’ but at least it got me ticking off my art-once-a-week checklist.

I also got to see the sun set view from the top floor of Centre de Pompidou and to see the sun light washes over Paris slowly was just incredible. That was the one aspect I enjoyed most from this visit.

I won another argument (in French of course)

My dear friend and I arrived 30-minutes early to our film session at the cinema and as we bought our tickets, I asked one of the staff if I was allowed to bring hot coffee from outside vendors into the cinema and she said “of course!” This was a delight as you normally wouldn't be allowed to do so in Sydney cinemas. So off we went to Starbucks and brought back a large-sized coffee. As we were about to walk into the cinema, a man (from the ticketing counter) called us over and told me (in a rude unpleasant way!) that my drink was not allowed even after I explained to him that the lady beside him said it was okay. So I walked over to the lady and asked her “Excuse me Madame. I asked you before if it was okay to bring in hot coffee from outside into the cinema and you said it was fine, but this man is telling me otherwise.” The lady agreed with me and ensured us we should just get in.

Now before you start thinking of me as an angry woman trolling through the city, I feel like living in Paris has helped me to be braver whenever I face “that-ain’t-right!” situations and expressing my thoughts in French had been very helpful. I walked away from the counter with my coffee into the cinema and watched as the two exchanged mutters on what’s okay and what’s not.

By the way we watched Les Miserables film in which I cried many times during. 

Travel plan

Now as of a few hours ago I have just booked the last bit of reservation for my February-March travel plan. I will depart Paris in a couple of days to explore Italy, French Riviera, Spain and Iceland so you will see me posting a lot of travel photographs. 

Again I must apologize for doing such a big weekly recount but thanks to Instagram and Facebook, you can find more regular updates of my daily adventures and here’s a collage of pictures from the recent days.

Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful day.

Valentine’s Day in Paris

Paris is the number one place associated with romance but in this very moment it just seems like the city is fuelled by love hearts on steroid and one cannot NOT notice Valentine's Day is here. I have been very much amused by the amount of efforts store vendors have put in over-pinking and beautifying their display windows. I didn't think Paris could get anymore romantic, but apparently it can! Happy Saint Valentine's Day to you xxx