Travel: Mykonos Part 1

Remember that time I told you that I was busy studying for my French exam? Well.. I passed! Anyway, aside from still being in delirious mode since getting my results earlier today, I’ve also been working on my travel posts. It just seems like I'm taking my sweet time because I kept pausing to reminisce the summery sunny blue sky Mykonos' beach days just by scrolling through the pictures.

Here are a few snapshots (unretouched!) of my boat ride from Athens to Mykonos.

7am Blue Star Ferries from the Piraeus port

The boat made for a few stops en route to Mykonos

The man in pink (as seen rolling my little luggage) was sent by the hotel to pick up guests. I felt giddy already at that point because I just knew "ohhh this is gonna be good!" The picture on the right is snapped from the hotel's driveway. Clear blue water awaited and I'll spill all in my next post.

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